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masterCalculate Paddle velocity in (x,y) at time of collision.Matt Turner12 years
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2011-04-04Calculate Paddle velocity in (x,y) at time of collision.HEADmasterMatt Turner
2011-04-04Add Paddle/Ball collision detection.Matt Turner
2011-04-04Minor warnings clean up.Matt Turner
2011-04-04Add code to limit paddle speed.Matt Turner
2011-04-04Fix typo in paddle code.Matt Turner
2011-04-04Move paddle code into paddle.c.Matt Turner
2011-04-04Move ball code into ball.c.Matt Turner
2011-04-04Clean ups. Cut down GLPong_t more.Matt Turner
2011-04-04Remove unnecessary code.Matt Turner
2011-04-04Split paddle and ball drawing into separate functionsMatt Turner