build-idExample code for reading an ELF binary's section, from the pr...10 days
cleanbencha clean nbench10 months
dotfilesmattst88's dotfiles9 months
gentoo-saltmattst88's Gentoo configs11 days
glpong2D pong in OpenGL10 months
glpong3d3D pong in OpenGL10 months
sdlpong2D pong in SDL10 months
x86_64-assemblyexample x86_64 assembly programs in FASM10 months
alpha_mmintrinalpha MMX-style intrinsics using MVI instructions10 months
assembly-analyzeralpha assembly analyzer10 months
clear_pageclear_page benchmark10 months
compaq-c-overlayCompaq C Compiler and libraries overlay10 months
cpml-benchmarkslibcpml benchmarking test suite10 months
calculatorSkyOS Calculator10 months
skygippSkyOS C++ API wrapper10 months
hw1homework assignments for VGP35110 months
hw2homework assignments for VGP35110 months
hw3homework assignments for VGP35110 months
hw4homework assignments for VGP35110 months