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masterKill off 'thefunction' finallyMatt Turner14 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2009-02-14Kill off 'thefunction' finallyHEADmasterMatt Turner
2009-02-14Cleanup fourier.c moreMatt Turner
2009-02-14More Cleanups, found using iccMatt Turner
2008-12-12Add a TODO listMatt Turner
2008-12-12Split warning flags into separate variable so Gentoo's ebuilds won't eat themMatt Turner
2008-11-18global->local variableMatt Turner
2008-11-18Remove only the objects, not *.oMatt Turner
2008-11-18Specify -std=gnu99Matt Turner
2008-11-18Fix regression that doubleed idea's scores. I added { } in the wrong placeMatt Turner
2008-11-18Use memset instead, idiot.Matt Turner