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masterwhitespace fixes, 'd' deletes last ball createdMatt Turner10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2008-06-06whitespace fixes, 'd' deletes last ball createdHEADmasterMatt Turner
2008-06-05Fix a few warnings from icc. Remove an unneeded functionMatt Turner
2008-06-03Fix a few things picked up by the Compaq C Compiler (on my Alpha)Matt Turner
2008-05-14Make quesoglc work. Still need to sort out why GLC_TRIANGLE works but GLC_TEX...Matt Turner
2008-03-01Move frames per second stuff into separate filesMatt Turner
2008-03-01Begin adding text rendering support using QuesoGLC. Minor clean ups. Begin wo...Matt Turner
2008-03-01remove unused variableMatt Turner
2008-02-23Fix dumb mistakeMatt Turner
2008-02-23Only use inline-asm with gcc. Add fallback for other compilersMatt Turner
2007-12-04Use a display list for ball rendering.Matt Turner